August 11, 2010


AFAIK most of us are aware of acronyms. IMO (or IMHO), that's true. I thought so too. That's until I joined Infy and saw the BB. FYI, BB means Bulletin Board in Infy. (BTW, I see that I gave that one away. LOL!)

NOM to anyone, but this is crazy! ATM I am quite taken aback by what all can be 'acronymized' (if there can be such a word). So, JLT I thought - why not blog and make you go crazy too?

FYA - Find out what these acronyms mean and decipher my post completely. (It's simple. IOW - Google. HTH). But still DIY. You will enjoy it. I expect most of you might get to it ASAP. And I hope to see 'reactions' B4 EOD. TYT...I'm sure this has got you intrigued. FYK - Me too!

If you're pissed off by reading this message and are thinking "DND" or "MYOB"...NP. AFAIC, I'm enjoying every bit of it! And yea, TTYL. :-P (Of course, it's TBTILV)
To the others - LMK about it.

If you can get most of it on your own - WTG!! For the others who give up - I guess I will post it in Comments L8R on.
Hmmmm...TMI, yea? I think so too!
Anyway, BBL. HAND. TYVM and yea... YW! ... JK!
P.S. 1 - I've tried to keep the message as coherent as possible. HYA!
P.S. 2 - The title was just to get you interested. That's all. Maybe you said that after you read this post. Doesn't matter. :-D
P.S. 3 - What with all the shortforms (or "initialisms"), this is my shortest post! (So far!)


Sameera said...


Arggggggh!! I hate acronyms! But, there is one person whom I will forward this post to. =|

Unknown said...

And Sam did forward it to her ONE person...and lol....good one Vij...totally loved most of them...waiting for your next post to reveal the rest.... :)!!!

Vijitha said...

@ Sam - ;-)

@ Shamitha - Glad you liked it. :-D
Will put up the expansions soon.

Vijitha said...

Here they are:

GE - Good Evening
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
IMO - In My Opinion
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
FYI - For Your Information
BTW - By The Way
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
NOM - No Offense Meant
ATM - At The Moment
JLT - Just Like That
FYA - For Your Action
IOW - In Other Words
HTH - Hope That Helps
DIY - Do It Yourself
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
EOD - End Of Day
TYT - Take Your Time
FYK - For Your Knowledge
DND - Do Not Disturb
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
NP - No Problem
AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TBTILV - To Be Taken In a Lighter Vein
LMK - Let Me Know
WTG - Way To Go
TMI - Too Much Information
BBL - Be Back Later
HAND - Have a Nice Day
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
YW - You're Welcome
JK - Just Kidding
HYA - Hope You Agree (I dunno if it exists, made that up! lol!)

Pheeew! That just felt like a teacher giving out the key to some test!

:-P :-D ;-)

Unknown said...

Nice One.SWAK.Sealed With A KISS.This is also in response to ur earlier post of KISS!

Manish Verma said...

OMG so many acronyms.... they screwing our life.... BTW a fun reading post..

Ps: OMG..ohh ma god the way

Vijitha said...

@ krsnaknows: Thank you!Hehehe

@ Mag[m]: Yea! And many of them are phrases or even sentences!