August 5, 2010

Me Too!

How many times have you heard someone say/describe an incident/experience they’ve had and you go “me too!!”? These are not great things that have any significant impact whatsoever… but all those tiny instances that we come across as part of our daily living and, though we may not realize it, is fairly common. We discover these during conversations… Our “me too!” moments...

These are few of the instances that occur fairly often to me. If you’ve had the same, feel free to say “me too!”...

Waking up with a song in your head  – This happens to me quite often. I don’t know how or why, but some days when I wake up it’s like somebody has already turned on a tape-recorder inside my head – a song is just playing. It’s usually not a song I play often or even heard the night before. It could be random songs – just like that. These are mostly songs that I’ve not heard in a looong while, and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that I’m able to recall the lyrics (because I didn’t even know that I knew the song that much).

Waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off – Yea. This one pisses me off! I’ve heard that our bodies are the best clocks we have (and I don’t need proof). This is a matter of everyday occurrence. I always wake up a few minutes prior to the alarm, and it irritates me no end. This is because when I open my eyes the first thing I do is to check the time and… Damn! I have 3 mintues to sleep!! Irritating, isn’t it?! If you think that it’s because I’ve a habit of waking up at a certain time everyday…it’s not that. I’ve tried and tested it myself. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourselves. Tell yourself you’ve to wake up at a certain time (and don’t forget to set the alarm, of course!). You’ll most probably find yourself awake before it goes off.
(Disclaimer: It may not hold true for everyone. Sleeping behaviour and pattern varies from person to person.)

Feeling sheepish when you wake up – This one is pretty common. Let’s say you’re sleeping where people are around (your home, a bus, hostel room, railway station/train, etc. etc.). When you wake up you instinctively look around to gauge the situation, see if people are noticing you, avoid eye contact with anybody for a few mintues…All because you feel slightly embarrassed that you look awkward right after you’ve woken up. And then you primp yourself – adjust your hair, pull your dress, etc. … Something to reassure you that you look ‘normal’.

Attending calls in between your sleep – You THINK that you can manage to answer a call in between your sleep. You take the phone and (with your eyes still shut) talk to that person. The person at the other end makes out from your broken voice that you were sleeping, and asks as much. “It’s ok”, you say. You THINK you’ve got what s/he said, all the while fighting sleep and trying to remain awake (let alone being attentive). Then you end the call and go back to sleep. When you wake up, all that you remember is someone called (maybe even that seems like a dream). If somebody asks you what the matter of the conversation was, you manage to give bits and pieces of information, nothing coherent. And things can get worse if somebody had called you with the intention of letting you know about something YOU had to do (because you have no clue what it is!). Happens, right?
(Tip for those who call and find out that the person at the other end has been sleeping: Don’t bother. Cut the call and inform later).

Ideas popping up at the wrong time – Most of the times you have ‘Eureka!’ moments when you’re in no position to jot them down somewhere. It could be those last few moments before you’re going to fall asleep (you're sure you won’t remember it when you wake up); or maybe you are standing in a bus that’s really stuffed, etc. You WANT to put it down somewhere, but cannot and begin to think of ways to commit it to memory or panick.

Starting to do something – You get up and go in some direction or somewhere. Half-way there you don’t even remember why you’re going there, or what is it that you wanted to accomplish. You think some, and can’t figure it out. Never mind, you say. You either go there anyway and do something (else), or just go back; only to be later reminded of what it was. By then, whatever it was cannot be done or won’t make a difference anymore.

Original or not? – This is when you write or say something (smart, witty, interesting, etc.) and then begin to think you’re very familiar with it. Maybe you read it somewhere; or someone told you? You’re not sure whether it’s something you came up with (on your own) or is actually somebody else’s influence. Anyway you’d like to believe it was your idea all the way! ;-)


Sameera said...

Me too!!

Waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off-
I follow the body clock and I agree its true because I never use a alarm even during exams. I decide when to wake up and I wake up. How annoying it is to start a day a blaring noise! I like getting up peacefully. =)

Attending calls in between your sleep- I check messages in sleep. Thank God I don't delete them as well. I check the messages again in the morning with no memory of having checked them before.

Starting to do something – How many times has it happened!! My God.. Thank you. So I am normal! :) At times I get up from the bed walk to the cupboard and walk back because I don't remember why I got up.

Nice post Vijitha!! Very well written!

Vijitha said...

Yeaa.. I too check messages in sleep. I vaguely remember, or not at all, like you. :-)