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Well, hello there again.

If you’re new to my blog, I’m pretty sure you don’t have the time, patience or the inclination to go through all of my posts. (If you would, I’d certainly believe that there’s something wrong…somewhere. Or it’d probably be because you know me in person).

Anyway, I don’t expect that you’d read all my posts, therefore you wouldn’t know which are the better ones, isn’t it? Not that I write wonderful stuff always. Still, I do write some ‘pretty-decent’ to ‘okay-ish’ posts now and then.

You see, I am not that passionate about anything, nor am I a news-junkie. I am not great at creative writing (though I do write something in the form of short stories from time to time). My interest (and attention span) tends to vary significantly. I don’t read all that much (though I wish I could!) or too often (bad, I know). There are times when I haven’t completed books I’ve picked up (The Fountainhead - twice, Gone With the Wind - once, for example). There are ever sooo many authors I want to read. (I will get there too, there’s plenty of time ahead!) I don’t wax eloquent (my vocabulary is pretty limited) and I am no psycho or wacko = I don’t think “out-of-the-box”. Nor do I believe that I have an inimitable style of presenting things or that I'm very funny (though I'd like to believe I am, maybe in a subtle way!). And by now I'm sure you've figured out that I tend to ramble as well!

I guess what I’m trying to say is - my blog is pretty plain stuff. Things that I chose to write on, just like that. I am not the last word (or first word, for that matter) on anything. My posts are limited based on the small world that I see - things in and around me, my experiences, observations, yada yada yada.

So, for all those of you who’re visiting my blog, I present to you my picks (posts I'd want you to read; or rather, not miss):
Of course, feel free to go through other posts (check out the 'Tags' for more) and/or disagree with me too!


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