October 7, 2010

One Beautiful Morning...

It’s summer. I wake up to the chirping of the birds that I’m used to at this time of the year. I rub my eyes open and stretch myself. I go upto the window and look out. A few of the regulars are on their rounds of morning walk. I drum idly on the window sill and look back at the bed. He’s still asleep. I feel the urge to wake him up. And what better way than to kiss! He smiles…and I know he’s awake now, alright.

What do you want for breakfast, hon?
You really don’t have to make me breakfast. I can have it from the office, you know. Don’t bother. Sleep some more.
By the time I’m out of the shower, I realize that breakfast is almost ready. The smell of sausages, fried eggs and toast waft in the house. Umm-hmmmm… my favourite. He really didn’t have to…

As I step into the kitchen I see him seated at the kitchen table, waiting for me to join in. Breakfast is served and he begins to ask me about my day at office yesterday. And I think to myself – I am indeed lucky. Being a very skilled and creative graphic designer he had managed to find himself quite a number of freelance assignments that let him work from home. It was I who went to office, and yes, my job paid better. All that didn’t concern him. He enjoyed what he did. Period. I can’t say that about myself, though. But the money was important to me… to us.

He pours me my second glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. And all my intentions to resist fail. He knows me all too well, I shouldn’t even try to fuss… I smile. We begin catching up on friends and family. I just wished we’d get some more time to spend with each other. Suddenly he stops mid-sentence, and looks at the clock on the wall.

 “... and what Susan told me after that… I will tell you when you’re back! You don’t want to be late for the ‘all-important meeting’, now, do you??” Oh, nooo… I sigh and reluctantly pick up my bag. “You better finish your tale when I’m back mister!” He grins. “Yea, yea…run along now. See you soon!

He comes to the door to see me off. “Now you go and do your work too!”, I shout from the car. He does a thumbs-up. As I pull away I look back and catch him turn around his wheel-chair and go in.