August 10, 2010

Food Fixation!

Those who serve you everyday know better about your food preferences – whether it be your own mother or… the bhaiyyas at the Food Courts of Infy!

Now there is this (breakfast) food that’s typical of Mangalore, called the Mangalore Buns or simply Buns. Of course, I did not know of such a thing until I came here (to Mangalore). One day I tried it out of curiosity (the menu said ‘Buns’ and I assumed it was the bun we usually see in bakeries and wanted to see what they served it with). And instead got this.

Pic courtesy Googling.

It was served with Sambhar and coconut chutney. Interesting. I tried it and absolutely liked it! It was only ever so slightly sweet, had a mild flavour because of the jeera and it must’ve been made of maida. (Upon googling now, I find that it usually has mashed bananas in it, though I don’t think they add it in the ones we get here). So, in effect, it means that whenever buns is on the menu (which is usually Tuesdays) I don’t even think twice about what I'm going to have for breakfast… And so also another person. The bhaiyya who serves! Lol. Initially I used to waste the Sambhar they gave along with it (because chutney is what I like having it with). Then once, I told him that I didn’t want it. The next time around he asked me, just to be sure. From then on, he never serves Sambhar for me when I order Buns.

Then he took it to the next level. If he’d even as much as see me coming from the billing counter towards the serving area/food counter, he’d be ready with a plate of buns. He’d check for my bill (to confirm) and hand over the plate to me. Today was the limit – as I approached the food counter, he gave me my plate of buns and only then did he collect the bill (to verify)!! And all I could do was give him a knowing grin.

I had this kind of experience at the Hyderabad DC (during training) as well. We were in the habit of ordering cornflakes regularly. There was a young fella there. Same case. He had to just see us approaching the counter, and he’d already be filling the bowl of flakes with milk.

Talk about being predictable! Anyway, it’s a nice feeling you know… A lil’ bit of a personal touch.


Sameera said...

When it comes to food. Service is the key.Food helps. But it is all service.

Vijitha said...

Agreed. :-)