From the Blogger...

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! A space where I share some of my thoughts. Yes, SOME

You see, I am a compulsive thinker*. I think, all the time. My mind does not understand silence. There's always a chatter running in my head. The kind where I talk to myself. (And at times a music player too!)

When some of it becomes in excess, it spills over. And so I write.

I write because I think. Because I believe I express myself better when I write (as opposed to speaking). Because I like to observe. Because I like to share things that I come across. Because sometimes it's actually therapeutic. Because I feel that I might make someone out there smile, think, laugh, or cry. Because I believe that words have a power that cannot be expressed (ironic, isn't it?). I write because I feel.

So look around and see if you find something interesting too.

And please feel free to leave your thoughts behind - on why you liked something, why you hated it; why you agree, why you don't. Nothing excites a writer (am I allowed to call myself that?) more than genuine feedback. Got nothing to say? Reactions will do. Use the Stars or the Facebook 'Like' plug-in (if you do like, that is!). 

That's about it. Have a nice time!
- Vijitha - 

* It does not mean that I am all wise and intelligent. Ever heard of that song from Hum Tum?
Sochti hai zyaada, kam woh samajhti hai;
Dil kuch kehta hai, kuch aur hi karti hai...
Yep, that would have to be me!