June 15, 2011


I loved to laze around in bed in the mornings, especially weekends. There’s nothing like the feeling of coziness you get when curled beneath your favourite blanket - with someone special. That ineffable sense of comfort and security.

June 11, 2011

Sand and Foam - Khalil Gibran

I was unwittingly introduced to this poet/writer because the Founder Principal of our school had an excerpt from one of his more famous books (The Prophet) inserted in our School Diary. I’m thinking she had it in there for a reason – that every parent should read and imbibe them. And if possible, I'd recommend getting a print-out and sticking it somewhere they can see it every morning! (And conversely, I do realize I’m supposed to remember the same when I become a parent some day. Errr...) I'm referring to what is popularly known as ‘On Children. I realized I was reading someone special.

Here are more of his thoughts from his book ‘Sand and Foam’. I had a very tough time picking a few - and the list still is pretty long, you’d agree! What’s interesting is that each time I read them, my understanding of it is different (even if slightly), depending on my state of mind. And most of these are probably things “we know” but presented ingeniously. The mark of great thinker.

So here we go…a lot of food for thought!

Aphorisms ahead…

June 3, 2011


The advertisements I get to see these days appall me. I mean, seriously, WHO comes up with junk like these. These are my (recent) picks!

Presenting to you..."In Pursuit of Crappyness"! …