January 7, 2012

The Window Pane

You're driving a car.
Or simply sitting by the window looking out at the garden. 

You suddenly notice that the window pane is dirty - it has all these smudges.

And then you realize it. If you're too busy focusing on the smudge, then you really don't see where you're going; you cannot appreciate the beauty of the blooms. And if you're focusing on the road ahead, or the lovely sight of the flowers in that garden - you don't really notice those smudges on the pane; you don't quite "see" them.

You can focus only on one thing at a time. You always have that choice. 

So, what are you looking at - the smudge, or something beyond?


Prasoon said...

Sometimes there is beauty when you're not in focus - something that is missed obviously by many.
For example: http://goo.gl/TvFwV :)

mridula said...

"ek saadhe sub saadhe,sub saadhe sub jaaye"!!

Vijitha said...

@ Prasoon - Ummmm. Not quite the point I was making. The photo is nice. :-)

@ Mridu - I had to Google to find out what that meant. True. :-)

Keirthana said...

A strong point in simple words. You nailed it!

Vijitha said...

Thanks Keirthana. :-)