December 24, 2011


She always noticed him. 
He noticed that she noticed. 
She also noticed that he noticed that she noticed him. But that never stopped her.

Her eyes. That look. Not a stare. Not a gaze. Something more. Like she wanted to tell him something, but had made up her mind not to. He never could really unravel what they were trying to convey.

She smiled every time she saw him. Every single time.
He reminded her of someone. That was it. That was all.


Sameera said...

Strangely the story feels complete. :) Good one.

Keirthana said...

Nice write-up. Something is there, yet something else is not. A paradox. I loved it :)

Cheers :)

:-Dee said...

I second what Sameera said.. it feels complete.. and something tht we all can connect to. I love the way you have blended the words together.. a beautifully crafted thought. Few words but speaks in volumes! Wow!

Vijitha said...

@ Sam - Thank you!

@ Keirthana - Glad you liked it.

@ Dee - Thanks for those kind words.