January 18, 2011

New Look!

(There is nothing exemplary that this post has to convey. )

If you're someone who has been visiting my blog regularly (I know there are very few!), you'd probably have noticed the change in appearance. No, this has nothing to do with the New Year. 

I decided that the 'look' of my blog had to change. Let's be honest, formerly my blog appeared drab, dull, boring and dead! Somehow I always thought that it had to look 'sober'. Enough with the sobriety. Time to bring in some colour (and cheer)!

As I began checking out the Template Designer, I realized one thing - I was spoilt for choices. Seriously... the more choices you have, the more indecisive you become. (Lesson from this season of The Bachelor, anyone?) After deliberating and 'trying on' a few templates, I finally decided that it had to be the sea - something that always draws me to it. And I felt as happily giddy as I was when I began this blog - modifying the details, down to the colours of the links. 

Then I realized that the font settings had not been uniformly applied over all my posts. It just won't do! And so I began the tedious process of modifying all my posts again. If you think that I've lost my mind to bother, I disagree. Sure, it's the 'over-particular' part of me. But in the process, I rediscovered all my earlier posts. Some I'm glad I wrote. Snapshots of life since I began blogging - in some form. Made my night, you see! 

So that's it. My blog is new (and improved, I hope!). 

P.S. Help/Advice required:
  1. I've always had trouble with paragraph breaks in Blogger. WHY is there more gap between some paras?
  2. Does anyone know how I can put a 'Read more...' link for long-ish posts (I do ramble more often than keep it short!).


Anonymous said...

Yay, to the new look. The sea's always a good choice.

I'm think of a new look too (yet again.) Preferably with dinosaurs or aliens, or even better, BOTH! And with robots too! An epic dino-robot-extraterrestrial battle around the edges of my blog.

Ooh, and ninjas and pirates, hacking at each other for the two-headed mocking-bird!


No LOLcats. They would simply clutter the layout. I'd rather keep things simple.

Anonymous said...

The paras, in html, are enclosed by the <p> tags. You use the visual editor in blogspot, and the return key creates a new para.

Press Shift+Enter, to keep your next sentence in the same para. :)

For the "Read more" capabilities, I hope this helps.

Sameera said...

NICE!!!!!!!! I like it! :D

_rootnode said...

A Big Yeah on the new look. Even I had a tough time last week. I very badly wanted the 'Reactions' bar to appear on my blog(which only some templates support). Had a tough time with the styling. I know enough HTML to get me into trouble :P

Vijitha said...

@ Rindo:
OMG!! New look, again?
Oye...you're gonna make it all "sci-fi", eh?? ;-D

Thanks for the tips!

@ Sam: Thanks! :-D

@ Karthick - Thank ye! I don't know enough HTML and it gets me into trouble! :-P :-D

Purba said...

For read more...click on edit posts ->compose and click on the insert jump break icon.

And for paragraph breaks always press enter in the Edit HTML mode.

Vijitha said...

Thanks Purba! :-)