January 26, 2011


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

So wrote William Henry Davies in his very famous poem Leisure.

It isn't about standing and staring any more, is it?
It's all about sitting and staring...

At our laptop or desktop screens (at home and at work), at our cellphones/BBs, at the TVs... isn't it?


_rootnode said...

a bit off track
can u help me out in integrating fb like button with the blog page. was trying to achieve the same. ended up adding just the reactions tab alone.

Vijitha said...

A bit? :-P :-D

Go here:

Open the Like Box and Comments. Do a 'get code' and follow the instructions. (Mobile code-verification procedures are involved.)

Now that I have it, I'm confused. I can't seem to track those who may have left a comment in the FB plugin. :-S

_rootnode said...

Agreed. :D Way 'OFF-TRACK' ;-)
anyways, i did the abv mentioned steps already. i registered my blog url to get the APP_ID.
I don't have an option to add it for each and every post I post. Or, am I missing something ? confused.

_rootnode said...

On the blog page it just gives out the numbers as in 10 People likes this and there is an entry in the profile of the person who actually liked it.
I guess thats how it works.
Is that what you want to track?

Vijitha said...

Once you get your APP_ID, you will be able to generate a code (HTML/XML) that contains your app id.

You need to put this in the 'Blog Post' part of the Design element.

What I noticed was I had to put both the like and comment app to get what it looks like now.

Hope this (finally) works!