November 2, 2010

The Call

"Aap jis number par baat karna chaahte hai, woh call nahi utha rahe hai. Kripaya thodi der baad koshish kare."
"The number that you are trying to reach is currently not answering your call. Please try later."
Why don't they tell you why the number is not answering as well?, she rued. She had listened to this pre-recorded message for the sixth time today. She couldn't fathom what was keeping him so busy that he could not even attend a call, for how-so-ever brief a period. Or was it that he did not want to talk to her? She shuddered at that thought. She'd much prefer the first one.
Granted that a petty squabble had left both of them slightly hurt... and uncomfortable. But she knew that both of them usually bounced off it in no time.

She took her cellphone yet another time, certain that she'd listen to the unapologetic female monotone at the other end... but yet, praying and hoping that this time it'd be different.

*** *** ***

The phone rang again. The cellphone vibrated on a blood-stained male body against the steering wheel. On the seat beside him was a bunch of white lilies that had begun to fade; and a box with an engagement ring. The sound of the stream was the only other sound that broke the eerie silence...


Purba said...

Chilling and so sad.

It's a woman's worst nightmare come true.

Sameera said...

Well written,.. but twin sisters.. ATTENTION.. whats with the series of dad ending.. Hmmm??

Vijitha said...

@ Purba - Yep. :-/

@ Sam - I wish I knew... The mind sometimes gives vent to feelings through our creations, right? It so happens that I write stories when I'm disturbed or upset. Hmmmm... :-|