November 16, 2010


“Do I look pretty mommy?”
“Why dear, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. And now… it’s time for your beauty sleep. Here’s Mr. Teddy!”. She kept aside the story book and tucked her in, nice and warm. She gave her the customary 'good night kiss'. 
“Good night sweety. I love you.”
“Love you too mommy.”

As the doors closed in quietly and it became dark, she looked outside the window into the starry night. She knew she had her angel with her… always. She knew that she did not look beautiful. And yet… she believed it. Because she knew her mother meant it every time she said it.

She closed her eyes shut and tried to think less of the day ahead of her tomorrow. One of those at the hospital for a chemotherapy session, to cure her of her leukaemia.


Dreamer said...

Heartbreakingly poignant :(

Sameera said...


Why.. why why..Now I am assigning you a task- Consider it a TAG. A happy ending 55 fiction. Do it for me please. :D

Vijitha said...

@ Dreamer - Thanks :-)

@ Sam - Will consider!! :-D