March 7, 2011

To That Tear...

Why do I suspect that you will rise,
even before I detect the quiver on my lips?

Why do I feel that my heart will explode,
only because I can see you approach?

Why do you also blur my mind,
though I do know you will blur my vision?

Why do you neglect my appeal to resist,
to be strong, to be bold, to desist; and yet you persist?

Why do you not atleast try,
to save yourself for some worthier cause?

Why do you bring all your friends along,
into that long, needless free fall?

To that tear, 
and the ones that followed…


Sameera said...


Very well written!!

Vijitha said...

Thank you Sam!
One of those times when I surprise myself! :-D

Adam said...

fantastic thought.. to the first tear! :) Well written!!

Vijitha said...

Thank you Aashi... Adam! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very emotional thoughts on tears!

Vijitha said...

Thank you Sajeev. :-)