February 19, 2012


It did not occur to him that ‘they’ were really ‘over’.
Maybe he had trouble accepting it. Or did not believe it.

Not when she said that she saw her future, and it did not have him.
Not when she said that they could still remain good friends… just good friends.
Not when he’d gotten to know from mutual friends that her family had started “looking”.
Not when she happened to casually mention to him that there was pressure on her to ‘settle down’ soon.
Not when she called him up to tell him that she was getting engaged. He remembered the awkward phone conversation when she broke the news to him. He had done the customary ‘congratulations’ bit, but the delay (even if for a split-second) was too obvious.
Not when he saw the engagement pictures splayed all over her profile (and her friends’).

Sitting in that wedding hall, seeing her walk onto the mandap…and into another man’s life. That was the most difficult moment in his life - ever.

To see her standing next to another man.
To see her becoming his.
To see that happiness in her eyes.
To see the scene which he had always imagined of, several times - with her.

He regretted attending the wedding. He wasn’t even sure why he did.
Maybe for the much needed closure. Maybe.


Ayushi said...


I wrote a post on the same title a couple of weeks back, I'd like it if you'd check it out :)
You're a beautiful and an honest writer.
I just read your comments on Spiff's 'Mehen'died'' and couldn't help but notice your honesty :)
Yes, that was my first impression of you :)

Vijitha said...

@ Seяendipity™ - Thank you for that candid comment. Made my day! :-)

Regarding your post - I have read it. Will let you know my comments (separately) soon, time-permitting.

P.S. I can be rather blunt. So, you've been warned! ;-)

phatichar said...

Nice, nice...I liked the prose/verse combo..unique :)

Vijitha said...

@ Phatichar - That was quite unintentional, I can assure you.
Thanks! :-)

Raja said...

I guess a lot of people would identify with something like this. Even I could share a similar post of mine that reflects the same thoughts. But you've put them very beautifully!

Vijitha said...

Thank you Raja.
You can share your post as well!

Harisankar said...

Honestly Speaking..
I can relate so much to the style of writing and even the choice of words to mine..:)
I had unintentionally bumbled into this Blog and Hell!! am I glad I did!!

Vijitha said...

Thanks Hari.
So, out of curiosity, how is it that you chanced upon my blog? :-)

Harisankar said...

What else can I say , I bumbled into your blog post again after almost a year. I subscribed you long back. Why are you not writing more regularly?

Vijitha said...

Well, I could give the standard reasons (excuses) like lack of time or too much work. But truth is - lot of laziness & lack of will/motivation.

Mostly, I don't remember that such a space exist - thanks for the reminder. :-)