November 16, 2011


... That is how this blog must be feeling.

I do realize that the blog count has fallen miserably. Is it work? No, not really. 

Somehow all my enthusiasm to write a post dies a rather quick death. Some thought or the other usually hits me on my way back from office, in the bus (provided I am NOT sleeping, that is). And then I get associated ideas. I’ve almost got a structure and know what I want to convey. At this point I’m literally talking to myself, where I can all but *hear* myself (internal monologue it’s called apparently). I *will* pen this down, I tell myself.

And then... I reach home. Watch TV. Get lazy. Feel sleepy.
It’s no big deal, anyway.
Why write a post about it and make it sound extra-ordinary? These are silly things everyone thinks of/observes. What *is* so special about it, anyway?

And so countless posts have died a premature death.

This is when I REALLY wished they had some machine like the Lie Detector. But of course, more advanced! Hook me to it, and it should be able to read my mind and take notes simultaneously (yes, I said 'read my mind', not take dictations). Net result - provides me with a transcript. That way I’ve already been spared from the ‘labour’ part of actually typing the first draft! Quite imaginative, no? (Lazy is more like it, I know)...

Anyway, I digress.

Even if my thoughts and will rally forward, words begin to fail me. They do.
Here’s where I stare at an open Word document typing something for 10 minutes and then ‘backspacing’ the whole thing out in less than 10 seconds! There are a couple of stories and some general musings that are incomplete (and will most probably remain so).

To top it all, I got to know that Google Buzz would be shut down. Why on Earth should *that* affect me? Friends who read my blog (yes, all four of you) use Buzz to read and comment on posts. So that’s almost 80% of my readership gone. Poof! Noooo!

So what am I trying to say?
I miss writing. It has been a stress buster of sorts. And I’ve enjoyed the process, especially when something that I have written painstakingly has been appreciated.

So here’s hoping that I will write something (big/small/whatever) every week. 
(Every day would’ve been too tall an order!).

I declare this here only so that it might prompt me to write more regularly. Almost like how you declare that you’re on a diet so that others will remind you, should you begin to think that an ice-cream shake or burger “once-in-a-while” wouldn’t hurt!

So long folks!

P.S. Does this post count for this week? ;-)


Spaceman Spiff said...

Start carrying a notebook around. SO that whenever a thought strikes, you can write it down immediately. Or just type it in your phone and save it as drafts. Later on, you just have to type it out on the comp. And we won't be deprived of readig your posts. :)

Vijitha said...

Divya...that I do! Not the notebook, but drafts/notes on my cellphone. Also, Notepads and Word docs on PC.

It's just that most of it ends up staying there! :-/

And yes, glad to see your comment.