September 12, 2011


That dull ache in a corner of the heart glows like embers.
Ashy, yet bright. Cold, and yet hot.

The fire that raged consumed a part of the mind.  But no one noticed. No one else felt the heat. All there is to see now are the ashes. And they tell no stories.

It still sears upon touch; and threatens to flare into flames, if stoked. Wanton winds there are.

Snuffed out, it shall never be. It gives warmth… still. Memories of a fire, and the scar.

And all there is now is silence. Dead silence.


Anonymous said...

Some people will refer dictionaries and find the words that are not commonly used and write the blog/status updates. I know lot of people like that.

Vijitha said...

@ "Anonymous" -

Yes, I'm aware of that. In fact, I've even blogged about it.

If your intention of leaving this irrelevant comment here is to insinuate that it applies to this blog post of mine...I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I applied no such means. I wonder which word here is that uncommon.

Also, next time be man enough (yes, I'm pretty sure you're a guy) to leave your identity behind.

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell my view only... I not a follower of your so called blog ,just came to see while searching something.I dont know who you are buddy.

Then you no need to worry about my gender, i dont want to comment more on that :-)

Happy days...