July 2, 2011


Is it so difficult to –

  • Pay (some) attention? (Especially the first time around)
  • Read the fine print? (i.e. Be aware of the details) 

Although it may sound silly or trivial, I find most people, especially the “social networking” generation (before you point it out to me – yes, I know I’m part of it, TYVM, but I’m mentally older!), lacking in these basic qualities.

I’m not sure if it’s –
  • the reduced attention spans – you know, after-effects of increased ‘multi-tasking capabilities’ (after all, chatting with 10 people while having your meal, watching TV and occasionally texting/tweeting with the frequent SNS checking/ WWW browsing must count for something, right?)
  • the change in attitude – “we’re like this only”, lack of respect for other people’s time or efforts, “couldn’t care less”, etc. etc. etc.

Or both. Or something else? …

These two (seemingly) small qualities will go a long way in making sure that you’re aware (i.e. have the right kind of information), and help you in taking the right action/decision. (Not to mention, save you from highly embarrassing situations and prevent irritations/frustrations – to yourself or others!)

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