May 4, 2011

Just Like That

  • The enticing flute-music – If you’ve been to temple premises or tourist locations you’d certainly have come across this group of people (amidst the many kinds of hawkers). They play mostly film songs – ranging from the melodious and the melancholy, to the fast-paced and crazy chart-busters. They are very crafty people who trick people into buying the flutes. Trick and how, you wonder? Well, people simply assume that all they have to do is blow into the hole, and mellifluous music will come forth, just like that!

  • An obsolete fee – I visited a light-house a few months back, and while paying the ‘entry fee’ the guy there asked me ‘do you have a camera?’ (because he expected me to part with another twenty rupees). I said I didn’t…but on second thoughts, didn’t I? Which cellphone these days does not have a camera? And who walks around without one? Made me wonder what concerned authorities who manage such spots plan to do about it (lost revenue?). Most of those who visit just want a Patel shot (to upload on SNSs, might I add), for which this would suffice. Besides, cellphones these days have dedicated cams which give quality pictures (the acceptable kind). Of course, those who’re looking at professional-quality snaps have no choice but to declare their gear. But the others? As for me, I made the most of what my 2.0 megapixel could offer!
  • Let kids be kids – I have a problem when I see kids who’re supposed to be running around carefree struggling to hold onto their dupatta while wearing a salwar-kameez or ghagra-choli. Why make miniature versions of adult-wear when they can wear clothes that don’t cramp their style (or movement)? Frocks, skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, t-shirts anyone? Kids want to dress like adults (and adults the other way around) apparently.

  • 11.05.11 – 06.08.10 – 12.10.11 – What are these, you ask me? DATES!! I’ll buy a Cadbury Silk (Bournville...whatever!) for anyone who can tell me exactly which dates I had in mind! I’ve always wondered why…WHY do we have these confusing formats?! I prefer a 12-hour clock (with am/pm as suffix) instead of the 24-hour. Even so, THAT causes only so much of confusion. But this is simply ridiculous. Is it the 5th of Nov. or the 11th of May? The 6th of Aug or the 8th of June? The 10th of Dec or the 12th of Nov?! Why isn’t everyone happy with the dd/mm/yy format? :-|(Only if you see something above ‘12’, can you breathe a sigh of relief!)


Sameera said...


Kids wearing miniature adult wear! 100% true

The DATE format grrrrrrrrrrhh! I know I know couldn't agree more.

Vijitha said...


Spaceman Spiff said...

Even more irritating than kids wearing adult-wear is when they're made to wear 'designer' clothes on their b'day parties. The girls are made to look like a pink fluffy cup-cake and boys are under pressure of looking as good as Shahrukh Khan in their sherwanis and suits. While the rest of the guests in the party are pigging out on the food, the poor little child is wailing out of discomfort. Parents...sigh...

Vijitha said...

@ Divya - True. "Custom-made" clothes seem to be a rage with kids as well. But not like kids these days refuse to wear them either. I don't know whom to blame - the parents or the kids. Consumerism/materialistic attitude seems to rule.