April 11, 2011

The Unsaid

“See! Why do men have egos the size of…of…one of those huge hot air balloons?? Is it so difficult to accept, or even say?”
“Say what?”
“Nothing…Forget it.”
“Every now and then we wish we had the right people around us, with us, for us. The kind that makes our lives worthwhile - more meaningful and special. Just by their presence. I never felt I had that kind of luck. But then, you had to come along. Without me ever asking for it. And I would never want you to leave. Ever.”
There. Finally he had said it. Aloud.

Only, he wished it was earlier. Much earlier.
The ears that waited for it had long stopped listening. Surely, the picture did no justice to her.


sibi said...

short, but sweet and thought provoking! Keep blogging!!

Vijitha said...

@ Sibi - Thank you. :-)