December 30, 2010

T-Shirt Quote

Recently I came across a quote – Don’t agonize. Organize. – and thought to myself that it would be a perfect T-shirt quote for me. Or even, The Devil is in the details.

So what quote would you like to have on your Tee?
Something that defines YOU?
(Not looking for the 'insult-the-readers' kind.)

Could be a quote, a phrase you use often, something amusing, etc.
Try to be original, though I’m not that clearly!


Sameera said...

I'd love a black t-shirt that has a smiley on the front and "sam" printed on the back. Quotes.. all quotes I like are too long for a t-shirt. :(

Vijitha said...

Oh c'mon! There must atleast be a phrase??

nothingprofound said...

My t-shirt would say:

Live. Don't think about it.

Vijitha said...

I wish I could 'not think' for while! :-)