July 22, 2010


Finally… I kick-off my blog.

After months of procrastination (read ‘laziness’) the blog that was always in my head sees the light of day! You have no idea how many times I’ve composed this “introductory” post in my head. And, needless to say, it has always been distinctly different each time (with this one being no exception).

I’d been toying around with this idea of having a blog for maybe almost a year now. It’s certainly not the lack of thoughts (or any inability to express them) that prevented me from getting down to it. Well, let’s face it. Almost EVERYONE has a blog now, irrespective of whether one respects the sanctity of the written word or not; or if one has something, or rather anything (!), to convey. I’ve come across many kinds of blogs – ranging from the self-centric to the most technical or topical. It has certainly become a fad to say that you write a blog. And add to it the fact that I’ve a sister who’s immensely gifted and well-known for her blog did make it a tad intimidating. :-P But with the encouragement of a few friends and the fact that I’ve plenty of time on hand, I’ve decided to give it a shot. After my rather unsuccessful attempts at maintaining a personal diary (more on that in some later post, perhaps), I KNOW that I’m NOT cut-out for being regular or persistent. Nevertheless with, what I’d like to consider, my moderate success at microblogging (read taglines on Skype and FB), I thought – “Why not?!”.

So what do I intend to populate the webpages of my blog with, you ask? As the title suggests, it could be random things that I think of; anything interesting (or otherwise) that I come across - books, movies, songs, websites, quotes (again, more on this later). It could include personal experiences too, but then I have no intention of making it a public diary! It’s certainly not to showcase my literary prowess, if anything. Fiction is something I’ve not attempted often and I definitely do not consider my forte.

I have to say, this whole experience of starting a blog has been pretty interesting – inlcuding naming it (sadly, I do not remember the other names I had in mind after I finalized this one) and deciding the ‘look and feel’ of it. (Oh boy! Was that fun!). Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome (I mean it!).

So that’s it for now. Read on to get to know the “Candidly me”!


Harshil said...

Coool :) Good one...and m the first one to comment on ur blog :D

Unknown said...

This is it!!!!!
Change the font color on image :-))))))

nice viji

Anonymous said...

"Talkative yet Silent. Simple yet Complex. Sensible yet Emotional. I leave it to my blog to do the rest!"

I liked this.... Aalkaar chodikkum... "shoo.. enthoru janmmam... Very complex".. heeehheehe!!

Vijitha said...

@ Harshil: Yep, you are! :-)

@ Bawa: I tried a lot of colours. The gradation of colours in the pic is such that some parts of the text will not be visible, no matter what colour I choose! And I like this pic a lot. Hmmmmmm... But point noted. Will see what I can do. Thanks for the feedback. :-)

@ "Anonymous": Heehehe ... ;-)

mridula said...

good start viji...atlast u did it...as u knw,a blog / a personal diary wont go with me (blame my sign...hehe!!)
may u keep on blogging!

Sameera said...

Welcome to blogger!!!!!! =)

Vijitha said...

@ Mridu & Sam - Thank you!

hani said...

Good one viji...... i jst came across this 2day.... happy blogging.... :)

Vijitha said...

Thanks Hani!